My dog is my favorite reading buddy

I was late to the whole dog-mom thing.

I’ve always loved dogs (like, I really really love them), but for a variety of reasons – money, long work days outside the home, the fog of parenting infants and toddlers – my husband and I didn’t get around to dog adoption until late 2017, when Luna came into our lives.

Ah, Luna. Named after Luna Lovegood by my daughter (based on our new pooch’s sweet nature), our Luna is the perfect dog for us. She loves hiking in the woods, she’ll hop into a kayak (or onto a paddleboard) with no hesitation, and she never barks. Like, ever. Our mail carrier didn’t even realize we had a dog until just a few months ago.

But my favorite part about her? She’s an avid snuggler. On those days when all I want to do is curl up for a few hours with a book, she’s down. There are days when it seems like I can’t through a full page without someone in my home repeatedly walking in and starting up a conversation (do they not see I’m reading?). But Luna’s content to nestle down for the long haul. Go on, mom, she gently snores. Read another chapter. You deserve it.

Luna’s all in for my lazy Sundays

Originally from Arkansas, Luna was one of nearly 20 dogs living in a single home. The staff and volunteers at the organization that rescued her and her siblings feel that given her smaller size and skittish nature around other dogs, she was likely the lowest in the pecking order. With us, though, she’s the queen of the castle. The family room sofa is, first and foremost, hers. The rest of us find out spots around her.

And for the love and joy she’s added to our home – and my reading time – it’s a small price to pay.

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