Books that make me want to be a better writer

Every Monday, Kerry Crisley shares passages from books that inspire her.

Serendipity is an interesting thing.

If some anonymous person hadn’t abandoned a copy of Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked in an airplane seat pocket, and if the next person to sit in that seat wasn’t a fabulous lifelong friend who picked it up, read it and thought: you know, Kerry would love this, then I most likely never would have happened upon an exchange like this one from page 61:

“Everyone has their own website.”

“Is that true?”

“I think so. Nobody gets forgotten anymore. Seven fans in Australia team up with three Canadians, nine Brits and a couple of dozen Americans, and somebody who hasn’t recorded in twenty years gets talked about every day. It’s what the Internet’s for. That and pornography. Do you want to know which songs he played in Portland, Oregon, in 1985?”

“Not really.”

“Then this website isn’t for you.”

Subtle humor. A quirky, yet astute, observation of an underlying purpose of the internet. And the effortless banter between longterm friends. My own debut book is heavy on dialogue, and I know how difficult it is to write something this seamless that packs this much of a punch. I know because I haven’t managed it yet, but I’m trying.

And PS..: the movie adaptation is FANTASTIC!

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